Similar to human beings, maintaining our pets’ and dog’s appearance and keeping up a healthy lifestyle for them is important. The main objective of an expert of dog grooming Eugene is to make the whole grooming process as fun as possible for the pets, beginning gradually and giving them treats for a job well done. When your dog’s still new to pet grooming service, then it would be recommended to schedule the process over different days since other grooming treatments will be required less often compared to others. Above all, professional pet grooming companies want you to enjoy this experience and establish a great bond with your perfectly groomed pet. Here are some of the fundamental dog grooming tips that most pet groomers do: 

How to take care of my dog’s eyes? 

The eyes of your dog must be inspected over once per week, if not more. You have to make sure that they have minimal redness and they are clear of any cloudiness. When you can see a discharge that seeps from the eye of your dog, then that’s an indicator of an eye infection. To avoid irritation in their eyes, make sure to trim the hairs around them.  

How can I clean the ears of my dogs? 

A dog’s paws, eyes, and ears will need special attention and care to prevent the outbreak of discomfort and infections. Their ears must be cleaned with witch hazel on a cotton ball or an ear cleaner. When the cotton balls come out full of gunk, then there’s a great possibility that your dog’s ears are infected. If this happens, it’s best if you look for medical advice. When your pet doesn’t display any signs of ear issues, then it would be recommended if you just leave them alone.  

How do I brush the teeth of my dogs? 

Dogs are susceptible to having dental issues and periodontal disease from as young as 3 yrs. old. When they obtain gum diseases, it can potentially lead to heart disease, abscesses, and even cause their teeth to fall out. Taking care of their set of teeth every day can help in preventing the accumulation of bad bacteria. Moreover, chewing—a natural behavior of dogs— can help them maintain the health of their gums and teeth. At first, you need to slowly introduce it to them. You can do so by letting them sniff and lick the toothpaste that’s intended for dog teeth. To start with, use your fingertips and slowly work towards utilizing a toothbrush for dogs. When your dog shows signs of being irritated by this method, then you can use dental wipes and sprays instead.  

How often must I bathe my dog? 

If your dog is brushed, it might require a total pampering in the bath. A typical reason why you should bathe your dog is to eliminate the unwanted dirt and smell that’s the buildup on their bodies. While your dog is taking advantage of the usual hair brushing, the requirement for a complete bath must be done every month. Your local veterinarian can give you some guidelines on how your dog can benefit from taking a frequent washing schedule.